The Picks: Pumpkin Beauty

Fall is right around the corner and all basic girl things are running rampant! So pumpkin all the things including this blog post! 

Pumpkin puree and pumpkin seed oil are actually used quite a bit in beauty, and with good reason. Pumpkin puree is packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids that help speed cell turn over, resurface, smooth, brighten and unclog pores. It's also high in vitamin A and C which stimulates collagen in the skin so it's wonderful for anti-aging. Pumpkin seed oil is loaded with vitamin E, zinc, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are fantastic antioxidants as well as to help retain moisture in the skin. Surprisingly, pumpkin seed oil works really well on oily and sensitive skin types.

If you'd like a recipe for a DIY exfoliating pumpkin enzyme peel here is my blog post from last season! ➝ DIY Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Here are my clean and green pumpkin picks!

Osmia Pumpkin Facial Soap / / $24

Hands down the best facial cleanser I have ever used. This soap is ideal for combination, dull, mature or dehydrated skin. It contains organic pumpkin and tomato for a light enzymatic exfoliation, plus, carrot seed, carrot root, rosewood, and geranium essential oils which are all restorative to the skin.

Naturopathica Pumpkin Enzyme Peel / / $56

Love, love, love this exfoliating enzyme peel. It literally smells like pie on your face. It contains pumpkin puree, cinnamon bark, oregano, rosemary extract to clarify. It's ideal for blackheads, dull, clogged and congested skin types. 

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst / / $77

This is a more gentle herbal alternative to retinoids that contains active fermented pumpkin enzymes, peptides, and hydrating botanical extracts. It enhances cellular renewal, smoothes texture, helps to keep pores clear and lightens pigmentation left from old acne. This is a night time product and ideal for stressed, mature, acneic, or imbalanced skin.

Fig + Yarrow Bath + Body Oil Meadow / / $48

An ultra hydrating and nutrient blend of pumpkin seed, sweet almond, olive and grape seed oils. I love it as a bath, but can also be used as a body oil after a shower or bath, a massage oil or even a light perfume.