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Sensitive vs. Sensitized Skin

Over the years performing facials, I have found many people perceive their skin as sensitive and it’s an increasing concern, especially among women. The reality is there is a true sensitive skin type that is a genetic trait but also sensitized or reactive skin which is a skin condition and quite different. Often people see the slightest bit of redness or stinging and automatically assume they have sensitive skin. However, there is a good chance it's not actually sensitive skin, but sensitized skin which is totally treatable and preventable.

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Cleansing 101

Creams, gels, oils oh my! With so many different types of cleansers on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose one that is best for you.  So I thought, lets get back to basics and I will walk you through all the different types of cleansers, cleansing techniques, tools and skin tips!

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