Facial Rollers: Jade, Rose Quartz + Ice

I loveeeeee a good skin care tool. Especially one that is so pretty! The use of stones, crystals, and rollers have long been used in the facial room and I am so excited they have been making their way into the mainstream. Have you wondered the differences between these rollers?


Jade roller

Jade Roller

Often, some of the best practices are the oldest, particularly with skin care. In China, jade has been long regarded as a status symbol and the bees knees in health and spirituality for well over 9,000 years. Jade has also been mined and treasured by many other countries all over the world including Russia, Egypt, New Zealand, Brazil and Canada to name a few.

I went straight to the source when I wanted to know more about this pretty green stone. My nail lady. She is this cute little old Chinese woman named Van that told me she has been wearing the same jade bracelet for the past 12 years and only got a new one because her last one broke. I asked her about it during an appointment and she told me it "keeps her safe and balanced." Good enough reasons for me! 

Some of the spiritual benefits include balancing energy (chi or qi), relaxation of the nervous system and protecting against negative energy.

Rose Quartz rollers

Rose quartz is considered the "love" stone. And not just romantic love, unconditional love for oneself. It's the crystal of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. While the quartz family is very large and comes in a variety of shades, the pretty pink color comes from the trace amounts of titanium, iron and/or manganese. 

The spiritual benefits of rose quartz crystals include helping to soothe anxiety and stress, healing the heart of lost love, raises self esteem and self confidence and is known for attracting and keeping love of others as well as oneself. 

Skin Benefits of both Jade + Rose Quartz Rollers

» Increases blood circulation and skin tone

» Promotes lymphatic drainage

» Soothes inflammation + redness

» Skin feels firmer

» Helps de-puff eyes

» Eliminates toxins

» Shrinks capillaries

How to use

In the facial room we use both jade and rose quartz crystals chilled or warmed for different skin benefits. You can absolutely do the same at home. While both are naturally cool, you can refrigerate or place in an ice bath to make them extra chilly. I recommend using them this way to reap the above benefits. However, if you are treating your skin to a creamy mask or would like to help penetrate a serum or sheet mask into the skin further you can heat them up in a bowl of warm water. 

I also recommend purchasing double ended rollers with both smaller and larger sides. The reason being the smaller side is perfect for smaller places like the nose or to fit right underneath the eye area to help de-puff and soothe. While the larger side is ideal for the bigger areas of the face like the cheeks.

Jade and rose quartz rollers

How to Roll

The best practice for facial rolling is to go with the flow of the lymphatic system. Without overly complicating things that means to start at the forehead from the center of the face working outward towards the hairline and ears then down the neck towards the heart. This motion helps drain fluid from the face. 

How to use a Jade & Rose Quartz Rollers.png

The Differences

Honestly, they don't provide a whole lot of differences in the physical aspect but I think they are both equally terrific! It's more about the spiritual benefits if that is of value to you. The one thing I will say is I do feel the the rose quartz is naturally cooler and stays cold a bit longer. It's also a little heftier in weight versus the jade which I enjoyed but really is a personal preference. 

Care of rollers

1. Clean with warm soapy water and dry completely with a soft cloth to ensure the metal of the rollers does not rust.

2. For long-term care, you can lubricate the connectors with a plant oil (like coconut) to ensure smooth rolling.

Ice Rollers


Ice rollers are a pretty simple concept. The detachable roller is either metal or comes full of water or gel and you toss it in the freezer to chill. I recommend storing it in a plastic baggie to keep it sanitary. While ice rollers don't have any spiritual benefits per se, it still is a fantastic physical tool that provides many physical skin benefits that stays cold for a significant amount of time.

Short-Term Benefits

» Calms inflammation

» Helps reduce swelling and to de-puff face and eyes

» Soothes redness

» Shrinks capillaries

» Skin feels firmer

» Great for acne and sensitive skin types

» Calms redness after waxing/threading

» Soothes razor burn + great for men after face shaving

» Helps itchiness after a bug bite

Long-Term Benefits

With regular use, you may notice your skin to be firmer, less red and even have fewer breakouts. Why? Because inflammation is one of the biggest contributors to premature aging, rosacea, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

My Picks

If you are looking to invest in one of these gorgeous rollers I love the Jade Roller and Rose Quartz Roller by SkinGym.

And for ice rollers, I like the Vbiger Ice Roller or the Hansderma Skin Cool Ice Roller 

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