Anal Bleaching


It sure is! It’s actually an extremely common question I receive soooooo, a blog post about buttholes it is!

First, I wanted to share my personal thoughts on this topic because honestly, I am a bit torn. Part of me says the risk isn’t worth the “lighter butthole reward” and it’s just another unrealistic beauty expectation put on women (and men for that matter!) that makes us feel bad about ourselves. The other part of me believes in being body positive and “you do you.”

With all of that being said if you think lightening your butthole color will make all your hopes and dreams come true, then as a professional I am here to provide you information (along with risks) so you can make an informed decision for yourself!

If you have ever considered bleaching your nether parts I can assure you without ever seeing you naked that what you have going on down there is completely normal and uniquely yours. I say this with great confidence because as an esthetician, I have literally seen thousands and thousands of anuses and vulvas up close and personal while performing waxing services. Whatever your skin tone is, it’s normal for the pigment on your vulva, anus and surrounding areas to be a few shades deeper in color. Causes of deepening of color over time can be due to aging, genetics, childbirth, friction or hormones. I can also assure you that whomever you are intimate with isn’t think “OMG, look at that dark butthole.” They are just really excited to be having sex with you! Soooo ponder that.

Now, on to if you really want a lighter butthole here is everything you need to know…

Professional Bleaching Treatments

The most common bleaching treatment is performed in-spa/office with a cream or gel that is left on for a period of time and then removed. Despite the name, there is no “bleach” involved. These treatments are often combinations of skin lightening agents like hydroquinone (which the jury is still out on this ingredient for safety and is banned in some countries), kojic acid, arbutin or alpha hydroxy acids.

The treatment process itself won’t necessarily cause discomfort, but the side effects may. This includes some major irritation to the skin like itching, burning, soreness, redness, stinging for days afterward and possibly a chemical burn.

You also must abstain from anything that causes heat and friction for 3-5 days post-treatment. The reason being is you don’t want to potentially expose yourself to other infections, further irritation or even more pigmentation called PIH (post-inflammatory pigmentation). This includes abstaining from sexual activity, hair removal, hot tubs/baths, running, hot yoga, wearing certain clothes and panties like tight pants and thongs, etc.

With professional treatments, you may start to see results after a few sessions but it very much depends on your skin tone, skin sensitivity and starting point.

Professional Laser Treatments

Laser treatments break up the melanin in this area and in my opinion, is the most result-driven since you see lightening a lot quicker. But beware, it’s not for all Fitzpatrick skin types, ideally, people that are a Fitzpatrick 1-4 are the best candidates to prevent further pigmentation. It’s roughly an upwards of $300+ per session with an average of threes sessions needed as well a touch up once a year. Laser can also come with side effects often like redness, swelling and irritation but less than cream/gel treatments.

Can I do it at home?

Yes, but I don’t recommend it and sure don’t recommend purchasing intimate bleaching products online or from Amazon. Many of these bleaching creams you see online for home use contain exactly who knows what. Shockingly some over-the-counter home bleaching products contain mercury which is proven to be toxic to the central nervous system. These types of products have little regulation since they are considered a “cosmetic” and not a medical/drug product. Here is an interesting article from the American Academy of Dermatology on this topic.

These home bleaching products often aren’t as strong or effective as what is available to professionals so it can take 2-3 months to see results. So in my opinion that is an extensive period of time to be applying these types of ingredients to this very delicate area and potentially have prolonged irritation. Another risk is accidentally applying too much product or too close to the extremely sensitive skin of the vulva. The thought of that is horrifying.

I very much encourage going the professional route instead of trying a home bleaching treatment.

Rare but serious side effects

Irritation from any of these treatments can cause scaring known as anal strictures or anal stenosis. Which can prevent the anus from properly stretching while having a bowel movement. This can cause pain, discomfort and a whole lot of hell no.

If you do receive a chemical burn or excessive irritation it can actually cause permanent scarring and discoloration which is the pretty much the exact opposite of the whole reason for doing this in the first place.

So, is it safe?

It really is a personal decision on what you consider “safe.” There are dermatologists and gynecologists on both sides of the fence of this topic. Some don’t recommend it at all and some offer this service in their practices. If you don’t want potentially toxic ingredients on your private parts then I would say anal bleaching isn’t for you. If you still want to lighten this area, laser treatments may be a better option for you.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, (no pun intended 😂) it’s your butthole. You do what you want with it. Keep in mind though, all of the treatments I’ve mentioned, you have to keep keep up with because the pigmentation will come back. It’s not a do it once and you’re done forever type of thing. If you still want to go for it, I highly recommend researching and seeking out professional providers that specialize in this treatment.

Remember, it’s a very personal choice that you shouldn’t feel pressured doing.

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