10 Skin care mistakes you could be making

Maybe your skin is breaking out or feeling extra dry? Or do you have redness all of sudden? These could be signs that you could be making some skin care mistakes and doing more damage than good and you never even realized it. Gasp!

1. Exfoliating too much or too little

This is the #1 mistake I see on my facial bed. It's either exfoliating DAILY thinking it's better for the skin or never exfoliating at all.

Exfoliating too much cause dryness, peeling and broken capillaries. Mainly what happens is the skin is stripped of its natural oils and becomes unbalanced and over-produces oil. This causes stubborn clogged pores, blackheads and breakouts all while the skin is dehydrated.

On the contrary, exfoliating too little can also caused clogged pores, but for a different reason. The accumulation of dead surface skin cells can cause oils not to be excreted out of the skin properly causing a blackhead. The texture of the skin will be dull and rough not to mention not a lot of glowing skin going on! 

The magic number: Once a week for dry or sensitive skin and twice a week for combination and oily skin.

2. Picking Skin + Popping Pimples

We are all guilty of this and you can't just walk around with a whitehead on your face. I totally get it! Most of time when we attempt to extract our own pimples we squeeze from the sides potentially making the pus and bacteria go deeper into the skin. NOT GOOD! This can cause it to become more inflamed, infected, stretch the pore or leave a scar. Also, do you ever notice that lovely little half moon mark from your finger nails? That can cause bruising or permanent broken capillaries! If a pimple must be popped, do it after a shower when the sebum in the skin and the surface of the skin is softened, make sure your hands are clean and gently put a little pressure on it with the pads of your fingers wrapped in tissue. If it doesn't come out then it isn't ready. 

3. Thinking a tan is "healthy"

Plain and simple, a tan is a sign the skin has already been damaged. The skin produces melanin (what gives color to skin, hair and eyes) as a defense mechanism and as a shield against further UV damage. Also, the way some skin types only burn and get more freckles is for the same reason. By damage I mean premature aging the skin and most importantly increasing the risk of skin cancer. If you absolutely need to have a tan face try a self tanning cream, a spray tan or bronzer. And that brings be to number 4!

4. Skipping sunscreen in the winter

If you are concerned about aging the #1 thing that ages the skin the sun. This goes for the winter time too. Just because the temperature is cold doesn't mean the sun isn't shining and you aren't receiving UV rays. Many brand of makeup have sunscreen in them nowadays, so kill two birds with one stone. Make sure yours has broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection of at least SPF 20. 

5. Not washing your makeup off before bed

I know, you are tired....you fell asleep on the couch with your makeup on while watching Netflix. Think of all the things that could be on your face by the end of the day. Makeup, oil, bacteria if you touch your face during the day, dirt, smoke and pollution in the air. Have I grossed you out enough? These elements can clog pores not to mention the skin rejuvenates it self while you sleep. Do your face a favor, remove all makeup before bed!

6. Using a cleanser that is too stripping

Squeaky-clean is not how your face should feel after you cleanse! If it feels that way that is a pretty good indication you aren't using the right type of cleanser for your skin type. It's easy to gravitate towards a gel, foam or even an exfoliating cleanser because it does make your skin feel nice and clean. But in reality what it's doing it stripping your skin of it's own natural oils. This can cause inflammation, irritation and acceleration of oil production, dryness and peeling. I always recommend keeping two types of cleansers on hand, a nice creamy gentle milky cleanser and an active gel cleanser. This way you can use what your skin needs at the moment.

7. Smoking

There are plenty of health reasons to quit smoking and we know, you've heard them. Specifically when it comes to the skin cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide and depletes the skin of oxygen. This leaves you with a grey, dull and sallow look to the skin. It also contributes to dryness, blackheads, broken blood vessels and premature wrinkling. 

8. Using expired products

Check your skin care packaging for the little icon of a jar with a number inside of it. This means the number of months once you have opened the product that it has expired. Jar products specifically hold bacteria since we dip our fingers in them and could potentially be rubbing bacteria all over your face. Also, products that are expired mean that the efficiency of the ingredients could decrease or be non-existent making it pointless to continue to use. 

9. Not washing your makeup brushes

Bacteria smeared all over your face. Need I say more? Weekly washing is advised!

10. Using the wrong products

Listen to your skin is the best advice I can give when it comes to products you are using. If you notice something burns or irritates the skin, chances are that product isn't for you. Maybe you have started noticing some wrinkles showing up around your eyes. Remember your skin changes at different points in your life. Hormones, aging, moving to a new climate, traveling a lot or starting a new work out routine can change your skin's needs. This means you should re-evaluate what your products every so often and also if there is a major change in your lifestyle or body.