Glorious Dirty Hair

Let me tell you a little story....It's 1999, I am a senior in high school and my sister is in 8th grade. It's 6:15 a.m. and we are both in bathroom getting ready for school. I have wild naturally curly hair. I am sweating and pissed off because I have just spent the past 30 minutes blow drying and flat ironing my hair straight. My sister is literally cussing her hair out because she can't get it "perfect." If I made eye contact with her she would say in her most evil voice "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" This happened every single morning. This was about the time we decided to not wash our hair every day. And we lived happily ever dirty hair after. The end.

There is a movement lately that totally gives up using shampoo all together called "no poo." Personally I think it sounds like a rough tummy day, but hey I didn't make up the name. Though I do support the idea. The concept is only rinsing your hair with water or dissolved baking soda followed by a vinegar rinse. I tried this method for 30 days and I have to say my hair was super soft and my scalp felt clean. It even completely got rid of that dirty hair scent. You have to make sure you rinse really well to avoid smelling like salad. However, I did like how it made my hair look and feel I do enjoy a good smelling, sudsy shampoo and conditioner. My personal preference is washing once a week. Though my record is 16 days!

While my sister and I decided to quit washing and processing our hair so often because of pure laziness. There are some really great hair saving benefits to not washing daily that we didn't even realize until after we started washing less. Yay for dirty hair!

Chemical additives
One of the reasons to "no poo" is the chemical additives to most commercial shampoos. There are health concerns for people that are sensitive or have allergies. Plus, some people just don't want to use certain beautifying chemicals on their bodies. To avoid these certain chemicals your best bet is switching to sulfate and paraben free shampoo.

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo

dirty hair
dirty hair

Scalp health
Washing your hair daily is counterproductive for scalp health. When you wash your hair often you are washing away all the good oils your scalp produces. When your scalp craves moisture it tries to compensate for the loss by often over producing oil. Which can mean even oilier hair! Shampooing less will cause the oil glands in the scalp to produce oil at a slower rate. It usually is a 2-6 week process.

Saves money $
If you have a ton of hair like myself or enjoy using expensive fancy smancy products you can go through a lot of shampoo and conditioner! It can really add up and become quit expensive. By cutting down to washing 1-2 times a week you are obviously not going through as much product and in the long run you will save money. Lets put it this way, if you wash your hair 30 days a month go down to 2 days a week/8 days a month I am sure you can imagine the savings!

Hair styles better
Let's face it, dirty hair styles better. Curling your hair, messy buns, pony tails and braids all look amazing with not freshly washed hair. There is more texture, there aren't fly aways and it holds so much better!

Saves time
With hectic mornings trying to get off to work or school doesn't it sound nice to sleep in a tad bit longer or sit down to a calm breakfast? I think so! Instead of spending more time doing your hair you can have time to do more important things. Not washing really comes in handy while on vacation as well!

Hair health
Going through the process of washing, drying and using a hot tool daily can really damage and dry out your hair. By minimizing this process to 1-2 days a week you will significantly reduce split ends, frizziness and your hair will be shinier and overall healthier.

Saves hair color
It doesn't matter if you spend $10 on box hair color or $200 in a salon the last thing you want to have your hair color fade faster. Even if you are using color safe shampoo the process of washing still dulls hair color.

If you have curly hair like me, it will be naturally drier. I prefer to not wet my hair for a week when I wear it straight so I don't have to go through the entire straightening process. Straight hair however does tend to be slightly more oily simply because oil travels down a straight stand of hair more so than a curly strand of hair. If you have straight hair can do the "no poo" method or just not wet at all.

When starting the process of breaking the "poo" cycle here are some tips to make the process easier on yourself. Get out of your head that it's gross because up until commercial shampoos came out in the 1930's women only washed their hair about 8 times a year. So there is that.

+ Get a super sweet looking shower cap
 Start by washing every other day, then every 2 days and so on. Your oil glands will regulate and soon you will be a once a weeker!
+ Day 1 of not "pooing" start with your hair down. Day 2, curl it. Day 3, wear it up. Day 4, bun day! It will make your hair look better longer.
+ Curl your hair with a small curing iron on day 2 and each day the waves will get looser. But day 5-6 you will have some pretty glorious beach waves.
+ Invest in your new best friend, dry shampoo. Here are some of my all time favorites:

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Batiste Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo
dry shampoo
dry shampoo