10 Hidden Culprits That Can Make You Break Out

A common skin complaint I hear in my facial room is "I have no idea why I am breaking out all of a sudden." This is when I play detective and start asking questions. It really may be something in your lifestyle and could be an easy fix with a simple change!

1. Dirty Makeup Brushes
To simply put it, you are smearing around bacteria all over your face. GROSS! Realistically how often are you cleaning your makeup brushes? Especially the brushes you use on your face for foundation, powder, blush and bronzer. I recommend washing your brushes at least every 1-2 weeks depending on use.  And don't forget to change out or wash your foundation sponge as well. Here is my favorite brush cleanser for day to day brush cleaning and it smells like oranges. But I still recommend using a natural baby shampoo and warm water for the deeper clean.

JAPONESQUE Makeup Brush Cleanser

10 hidden culprits that can make you break out

2. Starting a new work out routine
Decided to try a new sweat session? Awesome for your bod, poopy for your skin. Unfortunately, it is common to break out on your face, back and chest from working out. It is best to work out with out any makeup on. Shower/wash your face as soon as possible after your work out. And if you can't get to a shower right away, at the very least wipe your face with an unscented baby wipe.

3. Dirty pillow cases
Dirt, oil and bacteria from your hair and skin can be transferred back to your face causing breakouts when your pillow cases aren't washed regularly. So I recommend washing your pillow cases every week.

4. Your cell phone
Your cell phone is one of the dirtiest things you own. And when you talk on it you it is pressed against your cheek smearing bacteria on your face! EW! CLEAN IT WEEKLY! This also goes for your work phone. I recommend cleaning that weekly as well with an antibacterial wipe or rubbing alcohol.

5. Touching your face
Do you sit at your desk and absentmindedly touch your chin? Or rest your palm on the side of your face? You could be transferring bacteria from your hand to your face causing blemishes.

6. Waxing
Many people break out from getting a facial wax. Unfortunately waxing is a shock to the skin so the skin could freak out a bit and cause tiny white heads. Make sure your esthetician cleans your skin with a medical grade antiseptic product BEFORE and AFTER. Traditionally it is taught in school to use an oil to remove any excess wax. That is fine for removing the stickiness, but the trick is throughly cleaning the oil off and making sure the skin is nice and clean after.

7. Hair products + Bangs
Occasionally a hair product or bangs could cause small blemishes around your hair line and forehead area. Hair holds oils and when you have bangs they are resting on your forehead. So I recommend using a salicylic facial wash and pay attention to these areas.

Sanitas Skincare Salicylic Herbal Cleanser

10 hidden culprits that can make you break out

8. How you wash your face
Now stay with me here, the normal motion when most people wash their face is in a circular motion ending right at the ear, hairline and jaw area. Essentially you are pushing the dirt, makeup, bacteria that you are trying to wash off right into that area. And since it is an area that is hard to see being the side of the face, ALL THAT JUNK COULD BE SETTLING THERE! So if you are breaking out there, pay attention to that area when washing your face and use a toner on a cotton pad.

9. Cleansing tools
Anything that you use to help you cleanse your skin such as a Buff Puff, wash cloth, sponge, face loofah or electric brush could hold bacteria. Wash them with soap, spray with rubbing alcohol or change out regularly.

10. Face gear
Maybe you have to wear a medical mask for your job or you play a sport that requires a helmet with a chin strap. Make sure you change out your mask regularly and wipe down your sporting equipment after each use.