10 Reasons to throw away your magnifying mirror

At the beginning of each facial I start by asking my clients to tell me a bit about their skin. Which usually follows by a laundry list of things that she hates and wishes she can change. Then to her response my next question is "do you own a magnify mirror?" And her reply is always the same "YES! How did you know?" I know because when a client is hyper critical of her skin that usually means she owns one!


10 Reasons to throw away your magnifying mirror

1. Pores

Pores will look larger, which usually results in you "trying to clean them out." This can irritate and bruise the skin and actually cause a pimple to form because of picking and spreading bacteria.

2. Face Fuzz

Everyone has fuzzy hair on their face to some degree or another. A magnify mirror will only make you feel like a hairy beast when you are clearly not. Peach fuzz is totally normal!

3. Over Tweezed Eyebrows

Magnify mirrors are precisely how eyebrows get over tweezed. You step back and realize you have really over done it when you are missing half and eyebrow! Also, digging into the skin with a pair of tweezers to get that one hair can cause an unhappy red follicle not to mention a broken hair stuck in the skin until it grows.

4. NormalSkin Disturbances

No one has perfect skin! Even celebrities and models in magazines. There will always be a freckle here or there or a minor skin disturbance that could make you feel not so great. Don't be so hard on yourself!

5. Pimples

A small clogged pore or pimple can look like a huge volcano in a magnify mirror. Which can temp you to squeeze and potentially bruise the skin and make it much worse.

10 reasons to throw away your magnifying mirror


6. Fine Lines

Magnify mirrors will only exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles and make them look deeper and worse than they really are.

7. Makeup Application

Magnify mirrors can lead you apply too much makeup. It may look pretty in the magnify mirror, then you step back and look in a normal mirror and HOLY CLOWN FACE!

8. Use of Harsh Products

Seeing these "skin imperfections" can lead you to use harsh scrubs or products causing the skin to become dry and inflamed.

9. "Perfect" Skin Obsessed

It is very easy to loose control of reality when looking into a magnify mirror. A smile line means you are a happy person and smile regularly! A few freckles from the sun means you are living an active life outdoors! Those are little things that make you, YOU!

10. Self Esteem

Looking into a magnify mirror can lead you to have unrealistic expectations of what real skin should look like. This can really affect your self esteem and put pressure on yourself to strive for "perfection."

So please do yourself a huge favor and get rid of your magnify mirror. They will only exaggerate everything on your face to the point of breaking down your self esteem. And really no one is looking at your face that closely besides me, your esthetician, and you. So get rid of it and remember you are a total babe!