How to prevent ingrown hairs

Summertime....tis the season of bikini waxing! Which also can mean INGROWN HAIRS. They are annoying, painful and gross! As a self proclaimed "hairy Italian girl" I can tell you I have had some doozies! I recommend preventing before they even start!

What is an ingrown hair and what causes them?
After waxing when the hair starts to grow back the ends are soft and tapered. If there is a layer of dead skin the hair has a hard time breaking through the surface of the skin causing it to grow back inward. This causes an inflamed red bump and can become pretty uncomfortable. If it becomes infected it will fill with pus. Fun stuff right? The bikini area is especially susceptible to ingrown hairs because the hair is generally coarser than other areas of the body. Plus panties and pants can cause a lot of friction in this area.

Other common areas for ingrown hairs are the underarms area since the hair coarse there as well. Most Estheticians will tell their clients after a wax service to simply exfoliate. But with what you ask? After a fresh wax the skin needs a 2-4 days to calm down. So starting your "ingrown hair prevention bootcamp" 3-4 days after your wax is ideal.

Scrubs are great for rough skin and loofahs can hold bacteria. So instead I recommend a glycolic acid and salicylic acid combination product pad. Glycolic acid "un-glues" what is clogging the pores such as dead skin. It allows the hair to pop through the surface layer. Salicylic acid kills the bacteria, soothes inflammation and exfoliates the area. When combined they are a powerhouse to combat stubborn ingrown hairs! Using a convenient pad is easy, there is no excuse to not do it and it's much more sanitary because you toss it when you are done. After a shower shower simply wipe a thin layer on the area. Stop using the week before your next scheduled wax.

Bonus! Your man can also use these pads for ingrown facial hair prevention too!

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